Integrity and Compliance

The success of the Volkswagen brand is underpinned by honesty and integrity on the part of all of our employees. By acting in accordance with laws and regulations, internal policies, guidelines and voluntary commitments, we always repay the considerable trust shown in the Volkswagen brand by our customers, business partners and stakeholders on a daily basis. An ethos of integrity, irreproachable conduct and fair dealings with each other are not merely something we take for granted – these values are deeply rooted in our brand identity.

What exactly does Integrity mean?


...means that we not only wish for integrity but that we actually realise it.

...means that we put the values, standards and principles of ourselves and of our company into action.

...means that we don't allow a problem to rest.


...means that we follow our own conviction of what is right and wrong.

...means that we hone and train our inner conviction of the right things to do and set this as our benchmark.

...means that we follow a rule because we understand and endorse their meaning and purpose.


...means that we consider the consequences of our actions and account for them.

...means focusing on the interests of our company, of our business partners and of society.

...means that we also bear responsibility towards ourselves.


...means that we maintain integrity in our actions even when placed under pressure.

...means that we are brave and withstand conflicts in the best interest of our company.

...means that we remain upright even when it may be more comfortable to buckle.

Together4Integrity (“T4I”) is the Volkswagen Group’s worldwide integrity and compliance program. The aim of the ‘T4I’ program is to create a culture in which acting with integrity is not only consistently possible, but also seen as a matter of course. Acting with integrity helps to build a stronger brand, maintain a sustainable operation for the future and develop a work place culture we can all be proud of.


T4I is based on the five fundamental and widely recognized principles of the international Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI). These relate to strategy, risk management, culture of integrity, a speak-up and open discussion environment, and resolute accountability, with assumption of responsibility even in the case of misconduct.


T4I follows the five fundamental principles of the international Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI)

At VWFS, We expect our staff to:

• Lead by example

• Speak-up openly when critical solutions situations and mistakes occur and find appropriate solutions

• Follow the rules and make consequences of misconduct visible

• Communicate courageously and constructively across hierarchies

• Make risks transparent and address them

• Comply with laws and rules and seek advice and further clarity if unsure 

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At VWFS, We expect all our Business Partners to comply with the sustainability requirements by:

  • Respecting Human Rights
  • Protecting the Environment
  • Conducting Business Ethically & Lawfully
  • Responsible sourcing of raw materials

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