Cost effective fleets

Volkswagen Financial Services is focused on giving you the best value for your money and finding the best fleet solution to meet your needs and budget.

Brand partnership

We work closely with our brand and service partners to ensure that you get the most from your fleet budget. We can secure any brand vehicle you need, or even a mix of them, however our close relationship with the Volkswagen Group brands in Australia means we can find you the best deals on vehicles within our Group.

Whole of Life Cost

The total cost of your fleet is not just the initial price to purchase or finance your vehicles. The actual ‘whole of life cost’ of a fleet includes the projected costs of operating and managing the vehicles – which is everything from servicing to fuel, resale value to registration, and much more.

Accurate projections of things like operational costs, vehicle turn over may minimise downtime for your fleet.

Our goal is to help you maximise the value of your fleet, keeping your whole of life cost down while delivering the service you need to drive your fleet, and dollars, further.

Tailored Solutions

Every business is different, and the needs of your fleet are unique. Depending on the size of your fleet, type of vehicle or even industry you work in, you may require special services or funding solutions.

We pride ourselves in ensuring that your fleet is structured in the best way to meet your needs, and will work with you to establish what your priorities are and how to achieve them. We will also grow with you – so if the needs of your business change, so can your fleet solution.

Reliable fleet management services

Managing a fleet can be a time consuming exercise, with a myriad of things to consider. So why not leave it to the experts? We have a range of services available to take care of all your needs.

Strategic planning for the future

Your fleet needs to work for you now, but also in the future. We can help you evaluate your short and long term goals, and how you fleet can fit into that picture to make sure it's driving your business forwad.