Our range of services

Once you’ve joined the Volkswagen Financial Services fleet family, you and your employees will enjoy personalised support from one of the world’s most trusted car brands. And no matter which of our finance options you choose, you’ll soon see all the extra benefits we can offer.

The right car at the best price

Volkswagen Financial Services has access to a huge range of quality vehicle dealers across Australia. Once we know what type of vehicle you’re after, we’ll talk to you about its availability, lease price and estimated running costs.

Service and maintenance

Regular servicing is a must for keeping any vehicle in top condition. That’s why we give you access to properly accredited mechanics, suppliers and detailers around Australia. And because of the Volkswagen Group’s buying power, we can also make sure you get the most competitive rates.

Tyre management

Having the right tyres for the job and keeping them well maintained is an ongoing but essential task. We can predetermine the number of tyres required for the term of your finance and factor that into your monthly rental so you don't have to worry.

Fuel management

We’ll give you a fuel card as part of your finance, which will make filling up a breeze. You and your staff can use the card at any participating service stations throughout Australia.

Roadside assistance

Our Roadside Assistance is on call all day, every day. So if your vehicle breaks down, we’ll send assistance to wherever you are straight away, and get you safely back on the road as soon as possible.

Registration and CTP renewal

We can bundle your registration and CTP renewal costs with your monthly repayments, so you won’t have to pull together a lump sum to register your vehicle each year. We’ll arrange for your registration costs to be paid on time, so you’ll never have to worry about any of your business vehicles being on the road while unregistered.

Fines management

If you or one of your staff gets a parking fine or another traffic infringement notice, we’ll send you a copy of the notice immediately to complete with the relevant state authorities.

Please note that this service can only be accessed if Registration and CTP Renewals is included in your fleet management package.

Vehicle procurement and disposal

We have access to a huge range of quality vehicle dealers across Australia, both within the Volkswagen Group and outside it; which means we can source whatever vehicle you need. And if you choose an Operating Lease, when you return it to us at the end of the term, you have the option to arrange a new Lease and upgrade to the latest model.

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