Fleet Finance Products

Our finance options are an affordable, flexible way to take advantage of new vehicles for you and your staff.


Your new fleet in three easy steps


Step 1: Set a limit

By setting up a Master Asset Finance Agreement in advance, you’ll be ready to act fast whenever you need a new vehicle — and you’ll always stay on budget.

Step 2: Choose your vehicle and services

Once you tell us what you’re after, we source and purchase the ideal vehicle for you or your employee. Depending on your needs, you may also be able to include servicing, maintenance in your monthly repayments.

Step 3: Upgrade your car or refinance

Once the finance period finishes, you can upgrade your vehicle and take out a new finance solution with us. You can also refinance the residual amount. Depending on your choice of management services, we can help you with the disposal of the old vehicles and acquisition of new ones too.

Master Asset Finance Agreement


We know how busy you are, which is why we have an option to help simplify your vehicle financing even further. It’s our way of making things as smooth as we can for you, so you can get on with running your business.

A Master Asset Finance Agreement allows you to choose a new vehicle at any time in a flash, knowing that the finance side of things has already been taken care of. At Volkswagen Financial Services, we can arrange a Master Asset Finance Agreement to suit your needs, no matter which finance product you prefer.


How it works

Once your Master Asset Finance Agreement has been approved and set in place, you can nominate authorised signatories to draw against your limit. It’s that simple.

So if you’re looking to save time and effort on fleet management, talk to us today about organising a Master Asset Finance Agreement for your business.

Our finance products


Fleet financing is not just about finance leasing. Depending on your circumstances and goals, there may be a better way for you to structure your fleet. Find out more about how each of our finance products work by choosing one below.

Operating Lease


For an operating lease, we take the risk on the vehicle.

Operating Lease details

For an operating lease, we take the risk on the vehicle. After the lease period is over, the vehicle is returned to us.

You then have the option to take out a new lease and upgrade your vehicle to the latest model.

Operating Leases can be packaged with a number of fleet management services, to make sure you’re covered from all angles.

Top facts about Operating Leases

Residual value risk carried by Volkswagen Group Leasing

Tax-deductible repayments

Maintenance and additional services available

Amount financed exclusive of GST of the vehicle – freeing up your cash flow

Finance Lease


With a Finance Lease, you lease the vehicle from us for an agreed amount and term. You have a number of options once the term ends.

Finance Lease details

With a Finance Lease, you lease the vehicle from us for an agreed amount and term. At the end of the lease period you have a number of options, including refinancing the residual amount with another Lease or returning the vehicle to us.

Top facts about Finance Leases

Residual value risk is carried by you.

Tax-deductible repayments.

GST is payable on the repayments.

Maintenance and additional services available.

Amount financed is exclusive of GST on the vehicle - freeing up your cash flow.

Chattel Mortgages

Chattel Mortgage is an affordable way to finance a vehicle for business use and complements a desire to own the vehicle.  VWFS provides you with a loan and you can set the balloon amount as low as zero.

Smarter better business

A VWFS Chattel Mortgage Loan is smart business because you’ll own the vehicle from the initial purchase and can claim tax benefits – both up front and throughout the life of the loan.

  • No deposit to dealer required (we order the vehicle on your behalf)
  • GST on the full purchase price of the car, not the full loan amount, can be claimed by your business on your next BAS if you are GST claimable
  • Fixed Interest rate for the term of the loan
  • Monthly repayments can be set to suit your financial requirements (by including a balloon payment) and once set, are fixed for the term of the loan
  • Depreciation on the vehicle is claimed in accordance with ATO guidelines
  • When all payments, (including any balloon), are finalised, VWFS relinquishes the mortgage and full ownership is transferred to your business

Compare our fleet leasing options


To help you make the right choice, see the product features of our fleet leasing solutions compared against each other to see what fits your needs.

Features Operating Lease Finance Lease Chattel Mortgage
Option to place a Deposit with the dealer - reducing the amount financed     X
12 to 60 month finance terms X X X
Maximum Kilometre usage (Maximum 250,000 by end of finance term) X    
Revolving Credit Facility X X X
Residual or Balloon payment at the end of the term   X X
Residual value risk carried by Volkswagen Financial Services X    
Fixed Interest Rate X X X
Tax-deductible repayments X X  
Tax-deductible depreciation     X
Tax-deductible interest     X
Amount financed exclusive of GST of the vehicle – freeing up your cash flow X X Optional
GST on the cost of the asset can be financed     X
Fleet Management Services outsourced to VWFS(Fully Maintained or Re-Charged Services)  X X X